Zorawar: India's Himalayan Light Tank Advancement

  Nov 21, 2023

Zorawar: India’s Indigenous Light Tank for Himalayan Deployment

India’s indigenously developed light tank, Zorawar. Designed primarily for deployment in the Himalayan border regions, particularly along the contentious border with China, Zorawar represents a notable advancement in India’s defense capabilities. Here are the key aspects of this development:

Weight and Capabilities: Zorawar is a 25-tonne tank that is both air-transportable and amphibious, enhancing its operational flexibility in diverse terrains.

Trial Phases: The tank is set to undergo rigorous high-altitude trials soon, which will test its performance under challenging conditions.

Development Collaboration: This ambitious project is a collaboration between the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Larsen & Toubro (L&T), showcasing a synergy between government and private sectors in defense technology.

Technological Innovations: Zorawar is equipped with artificial intelligence and an active protection system, reflecting India’s focus on incorporating advanced technology in its military hardware.

Production Plans: There is an intention to construct at least 354 units of Zorawar for the Indian Army, indicating a significant commitment to enhancing India’s armored capabilities in strategic regions.

The introduction of Zorawar aligns with India’s broader defense strategy, especially considering the ongoing border tensions with neighboring China. This development not only boosts India’s military preparedness but also marks a step forward in self-reliance in defense technology.



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