Discover the Enchanting Yenadi Tribe in Andhra Pradesh

  Aug 09, 2023

Yenadi Tribe in Andhra Pradesh

Q: Who are the Yenadis, and what are the living conditions like for this tribe in Andhra Pradesh?

A: The Yenadis, also known as Yanadi, are a Scheduled Tribe living in extreme conditions of poverty and social exclusion in Andhra Pradesh. They have a nomadic way of life, which makes it difficult for governments to reach out to the community with help and support.

Q: Where is the village Telaprolu Cheruvu Katta located, and what are some challenges faced by the Yenadi community in this area?

A: Telaprolu Cheruvu Katta is a village in Krishna district, about 30 km from Vijayawada city. The Yenadi community living here faces challenges such as lack of access to basic amenities like drinking water and electricity. Their dwellings are small, cramped, and often exposed to garbage and waste.

Q: How are domestic violence and alcoholism affecting the Yenadi community?

A: The Yenadi community faces issues of domestic violence and alcoholism, leading to poor living conditions and harm to women and children. Many families suffer due to addiction to cheap liquor, leading to violence and neglect.

Q: What is the status of education among the Yenadi children, and how are NGOs trying to bring change?

A: Education among Yenadi children is lacking, with many being school dropouts or unable to attend school due to various reasons. NGOs are working to enroll these children in evening tuition sessions and bridge schools to provide them with education and other facilities. Education is seen as a way to break the cycle of poverty among the tribe.

Q: How is the government trying to address the issues faced by the Yenadi community?

A: The government is making efforts to bring the Yenadi community into the beneficiaries' fold by identifying families for housing schemes and collecting accurate data through the Kabo Collect app. There are challenges, but the government is determined to overcome shortcomings and improve the living conditions of the Yenadi tribe.


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