Overview of WHO's Global Summit on Traditional Medicine

  Aug 23, 2023

WHO Global Summit on Traditional Medicine: An Overview

What is the WHO's Global Summit on Traditional Medicine?

The first-ever Global Summit on Traditional Medicine is part of the G20 Health Ministers' Meeting in Gandhinagar. Co-hosted by India's Ministry of Ayush, it focuses on promoting holistic health through the integration of ancient wisdom and modern science.

What's the theme and duration of the summit?

The summit takes place from August 17th to 18th under the theme "Towards Health and Well-being for All." It explores how traditional and complementary medicine can address health challenges and contribute to global health and sustainable development.

 What's the purpose of the summit?

The summit aims to foster dialogue, idea exchange, collaboration, and international partnerships in Traditional and Complementary Medicine. It emphasizes the value of traditional healing practices in enhancing individual and community health.

 What's the significance of the WHO's Global Centre for Traditional Medicine?

The Global Centre for Traditional Medicine, located in Jamnagar, Gujarat, serves as a knowledge hub that merges ancient wisdom with modern science. It accelerates the global advancement of traditional medicine, complementing WHO's core functions.

 What is the global significance of the summit for AYUSH?

The summit holds global significance. It serves as a platform that transcends boundaries and unites minds to shape the future of healthcare. This event has the potential to identify collaborative opportunities, foster innovation in traditional medicine, and contribute to the realization of Universal Health Coverage goals. In this way, traditional medicine can play a vital role in enhancing healthcare systems on a global scale.

 How does Traditional Medicine relate to local communities?

Traditional Medicine respects cultural diversity, empowers communities, and celebrates shared heritage. It serves as a means to enhance global health and well-being while acknowledging various cultural contexts.
In conclusion, the WHO Global Summit on Traditional Medicine brings together ancient wisdom and modern science to address health challenges and promote well-being, providing a platform for international collaboration and innovation.


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