Indo-US 'Vajra Prahar': Strengthening Defense Ties

  Nov 21, 2023

Vajra Prahar’ Indo-US Joint Military Exercise

Exercise Overview:

Objective: To strengthen the traditional bond of friendship and defense cooperation through joint special forces exercises focusing on counter-terrorism, airborne and special operations.

Key Highlights:

Duration: The ‘Vajra Prahar’ exercise spans over a 21-day period.

Edition: This will be the 14th iteration of the exercise, with the previous one conducted in Himachal Pradesh’s Bakloh and the 12th in the US.

Phases: The first phase includes combat conditioning and tactical-level special mission training exercises, followed by a 48-hour validation of what the forces learn in the second phase.

Strategic Importance:

Security Relevance: The exercise is significant for both India and the US in terms of security challenges faced by both nations in the current global situation.

Regional Dynamics: The exercise comes at a time of deepening Indo-US military engagement amidst rising concerns over China’s regional dominance and the implications for peace enforcement and humanitarian assistance.

Recent Developments:

Previous Engagements: The Indian and US armies recently conducted the 19th edition of ‘Yudh Abhyas’ in Alaska, showcasing interoperability and training with equipment like the Chinook heavy-lift helicopter provided to India by the US.



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