Tilapia Parvovirus: Impact on Tamil Nadu's Tilapia Industry.

  Oct 19, 2023

Tilapia Parvovirus: A New Threat to Tilapia Farming in Tamil Nadu

Tilapia parvovirus, also known as Tilapia tilapinevirus, is a viral pathogen that affects tilapia fish species, including the Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). This virus is responsible for causing a highly contagious and often fatal disease known as Tilapia Parvoviral Disease (TPVD).
TPVD can lead to severe economic losses in aquaculture as it affects fish farms worldwide. Infected fish display clinical signs such as lethargy, reduced appetite, erratic swimming, and hemorrhages.
Tilapia parvovirus poses a significant threat to the global tilapia industry, emphasizing the importance of stringent biosecurity measures and research to control and mitigate its impact.
Tilapia parvovirus (TiPV), a virus causing significant mortality in farm-bred tilapia fish, has been reported in India for the first time.
The outbreak occurred in ponds in Walajah, Ranipet district. PCR testing confirmed TiPV in fish from eight out of ten ponds, with mortality rates ranging from 30% to 50% on the farm and 100% in the laboratory. This development raises concerns for aquaculture and highlights the need for disease management strategies.
Mozambique tilapia is an affordable or economically accessible type of fish. In this context. Mozambique tilapia was introduced to Indian freshwater bodies in the 1950s as an economical source of fish that could be easily cultivated and consumed by people with limited financial resources.


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