The Third Pole Crisis: Himalayan Water Scarcity Revealed.

  Oct 27, 2023

The Third Pole Crisis

What is the “Third Pole”?

The Third Pole refers to the vast Hindu-Kush Himalayan mountain range and Tibetan Plateau, holding the largest freshwater reserve outside the polar regions.

Why is the Third Pole significant?

It’s the source of ten major rivers, providing water for nearly 2 billion people in Asia for drinking, irrigation, and power generation.

What’s the concern in the Third Pole region?

The region has seen a rise in aerosols, which are affecting climate, accelerating glacier retreat, and altering rainfall patterns.

How are aerosols impacting the climate?

High aerosol levels are heating up the area, driving climate change, and contributing to glacier melting.

What’s the potential impact on the Asian summer monsoon?

Aerosol-induced changes in rainfall patterns could have severe consequences for the Asian summer monsoon, which has already been under stress.

How was this information obtained?

The study used ground-based observations, satellite data, and model simulations to analyze aerosol levels and their impact on the region.

What’s the significance of the Aerosol Radiative Forcing Efficiency (ARFE)?

ARFE helps quantify the impact of aerosols on climate. In this case, it was found to be 2-4 times higher in the Third Pole region compared to other polluted areas in South and East Asia.

What’s causing the rapid glacier melting in the Himalayas?

Atmospheric heating due to increased aerosol levels is a significant factor in the consistent ice loss observed in the Himalayas.

What’s the takeaway from this situation?

The Third Pole crisis has far-reaching consequences, impacting water supplies and the hydrological cycle in southern and eastern Asia.

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