Purple Economy: Rethinking Care for a Sustainable Future.

  Oct 26, 2023

The Purple Economy: Transforming Care Work for a Sustainable Future

Redefining Economics with Care: The Purple Economy, also known as the care economy, draws its name from feminist movements.
It presents a fresh economic vision, emphasizing the significance of care work, women’s empowerment, and autonomy in driving economies, societal well-being, and life sustainability.

Diverse Aspects of Care Work: Care work encompasses two key components—direct, personal, and relational care activities (e.g., nursing an ill partner) and indirect care activities (e.g., cooking and cleaning).
It includes both paid roles like nurses, childminders, and domestic workers and unpaid work provided by caregivers, mainly women and girls.

Inclusivity Challenges: Care work, often associated with the service sector, faces wage disparities and challenging working conditions.
This affects predominantly women, including migrants and those from socially disadvantaged groups. Building an inclusive economy involves addressing these issues and recognizing the value of care work.

Fostering Sustainability: The Purple Economy represents a transformative approach where care work takes center stage, contributing not only to economic growth but also to the well-being of societies and the sustainable future of our world.

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