Telecommunications Bill 2023: Major Telecom Reform in India

  Dec 21, 2023

Telecommunications Bill 2023: Major Telecom Reform in India

Overview: The Telecommunications Bill, 2023, introduced in the Lok Sabha, is a landmark legislation aimed at overhauling India's telecom regulations. This Bill is set to replace the Telegraph Act of 1885, marking a comprehensive update in 138 years.

Key Aspects of the Bill:

1. Consolidation of Regulations: It integrates various aspects such as spectrum rules, right of way, and dispute resolution into a single statute.

2. Authorisations Over Licensing: The Bill shifts from traditional licensing to "authorisations" for telecom operators, covering a broad range of services including Internetbased communications.

3. National Frequency Allocation Plan: This plan, previously an administrative document, gains statutory force, outlining spectrum allocation with auctions as the preferred method.

4. Lawful Interception and Surveillance: Provisions from the previous act for surveillance of telecom communications are retained.

5. RightofWay Laws Update: Empowers local authorities for better dispute resolution in telecom infrastructure deployment.

6. Biometric Authentication for Customers: A new requirement aimed at curbing spam calls and messages, with specifics to be notified later.

Industry Response:

The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has expressed positive views, expecting the Bill to accelerate digital connectivity across the nation.

Significance: This Bill represents a significant step in modernizing and streamlining India's telecommunications framework, addressing the evolving landscape of digital communications and infrastructure needs.



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