Talakadu: Unveiling Its Rich History and Archaeological

  Oct 07, 2023

Talakadu Excavations

1. Where is Talakadu located?

• Talakadu is situated on the banks of the Cauvery in the Mysuru district.

2. What significant historical period is associated with Talakadu?

• Its history spans from the days of the Western Gangas, from the 4th to 10th centuries CE, down to the Wadiyars' modern times.

 3. What did the excavations at Talakadu reveal?

• The excavations provided evidence of a culture and human habitation during the Neolithic Age, around 2000 BCE.

4. What evidence did the excavations provide regarding sand dunes?

• Studies showed that there were no sand dunes before the 1750s. The sand dunes that formed were due to geological processes.

5. What is significant about the Keertinarayana temple?

• It was built during the Hoysala ruler Vishnuvardhana's time in the 12th century CE after his victory over the Cholas.

6. What beliefs did the excavations challenge about the Gangas?

• Contrary to the belief that the Gangas were orthodox and their capital was a Hindu stronghold, discoveries of Buddhist relics and an idol of Parsvanatha suggested co-existence of Buddhism and Jainism.

7. What is the oldest Vastu Mandala?

• The oldest Vastu Mandala in any South Indian temple was discovered at Talakadu, dating to the 2nd or 3rd centuries CE.

8. What remains were found related to the Cauvery?

• Remains of a barrage across the Cauvery, measuring 120 feet in length, 15 feet in height, and 10 feet thick, were discovered.

9. What was unusual about the Roman gold coins found?

• Their prevalence was common, but a discovered kiln suggested they might have been minted locally and could be counterfeit.


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