India's Suicide Trends: Mental Health Challenges & Support

  Dec 06, 2023

Suicide Trends and Mental Health Support in India

Q: What is the trend of suicide in India and who is most affected?

A: Suicide is a rising concern in India, with a daily average of 50 reported cases. Young adults, particularly in the 18-30 age group, are significantly impacted, comprising nearly 35% of these cases.

Q: What factors are contributing to the suicide crisis in India?

A: The crisis is linked to three main gaps: inadequate mental health infrastructure, deficient laws addressing the issue, and societal taboos that hinder people from seeking mental health support.

Q: What legal changes have been made regarding suicide in India?

A: In 2017, the legal approach towards suicide in India shifted when attempt to suicide was decriminalized, which was previously punishable under IPC Section 309.

Q: What does the BNS bill propose regarding suicide?

A: The BNS bill, which is yet to be tabled in Parliament, plans to eliminate the legal provision against attempt to suicide due to the difficulty in proving abetment, thus focusing on decriminalization and potentially better mental health support frameworks.

Q: Why is it challenging to convict someone of abetment to suicide?

A: Convicting someone for abetment of suicide is difficult due to the necessity of proving direct criminal intent and instigation at the suicide’s occurrence, often leading to an abuse of the legal process and inadequate investigations.

Q: What is identified as the leading cause of suicide in India?

A: “Family problems” are cited as the leading cause for suicide, accounting for 32% of the cases. Other factors include unsafe living conditions and previous suicide attempts.

Q: What is the role of the Indian government in suicide prevention?

A: The government is called to invest more in mental health resources, including financial support, emotional counseling, and enhancing the network of suicide helplines and support organizations.


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