Satellite Monitoring: Controlling Stubble Burning on Farms

  Nov 29, 2023

Stubble Burning Farm Fire Monitoring

How are farm fires monitored?

Farm fires are monitored using satellite technology. Three different NASA satellites, Terra and Aqua, along with the Suomi NPP satellite, carry sensors that detect heat signatures indicating fires.

What data do these satellites collect?

The satellites collect data on heat signatures from farm fires, which can be translated into the location, intensity, and spread of the fires.

Why is the intensity of farm fires recorded?

The intensity is recorded to estimate the amount of residue burned and the temperature increase in the area, which affects the local climate and air quality.

How is the satellite data validated?

The satellite data is compared with ground observations and previous years' data to ensure accuracy.

What are the limitations of this data?

The limitations include the potential for underreporting due to satellite's blind spots and the influence of cloud cover which can obscure the sensors.

How often is the data updated?

The data is updated at different intervals, ranging from real-time to every 12 hours, depending on the satellite.

What happens to the data collected?

The data is sent to central and state-level agencies, including agricultural and environmental departments, to help make decisions on managing and preventing farm fires.

How are fire locations identified?

Fire locations are identified by differentiating crop residue fires from forest fires or fires coming from industries and brick kilns, using the heat signatures detected by satellites.

What actions are taken based on this data?

Based on the data, preventive measures are taken, and policies are devised to manage and mitigate the impact of farm fires.


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