Army's Thermal Vision: Stronger Border Surveillance

  Dec 07, 2023

Strengthening Border Surveillance: Indian Army’s Thermal Imagers

FAQs on Army’s Induction of Thermal Imaging Surveillance Devices

Q: What is the Indian Army’s plan regarding thermal imaging devices?

A: The Indian Army plans to induct approximately 10,000 Hand Held Thermal Imager-Uncooled (HHTI-UC) devices to enhance night and day surveillance capabilities.

Q: What are the specifications of the HHTI-UC devices?

A: These devices will have the latest technology enabling soldiers to conduct surveillance up to 3,000 meters and will come equipped with laser range finders for distance assessment.

Q: What additional features do these thermal imagers include?

A: The devices will support day and night surveillance, digital (low light) and thermal (uncooled) sensors, and the ability to record and store video with removable SD cards. They will also feature seamless wired or wireless connectivity within 50 meters and inbuilt satellite navigation systems, including NAVIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation).

Q: When is the Request for Proposal (RFP) due for these devices?

A: The vendors are expected to respond to the RFI with details of their offerings by December of the current year, and the RFP is scheduled for June the following year.

Q: How will the procurement of the HHTI-UC devices be conducted?

A: The procurement will be carried out in a phased manner over six months to twenty-four months from the day of advance payment.

Q: What is the significance of these thermal imaging devices for border management?

A: With the enhanced surveillance capabilities provided by these devices, the Indian Army aims to bolster border security by improving monitoring and response to potential threats, especially during night operations.

Implementing this advanced surveillance technology aligns with modernizing defense strategies and improving the Indian Army’s operational efficiency, particularly in challenging border terrains.


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