Growth and Success: India's Horticultural Revolution 2022-23

  Oct 23, 2023

SRIRAM’s Explainer: Rise in Horticultural Production in India (2022-23)


Horticultural production in the 2022-23 crop year is projected to rise by 1.4%, reaching a record 351.92 million tonnes (mt), up from 347.18 mt in 2021-22, attributed to higher productivity.

Crop Highlights:

Fruit production is estimated at 108.34 mt, a slight increase from 107.51 mt in 2021-22.
Vegetable production is expected to be 212.91 mt, up from 209.14 mt in the previous year.
While fruits, vegetables, spices, and plantation crops have seen an increase in production, onion and tomato yields have declined.

Farmers’ Contribution:

The consistent record production in both food grains and horticulture is credited to the dedication of Indian farmers, the expertise of scientists, and farmer-centric government policies.

Specific Crop Data:

Plantation crops production rose to 16.05 mt from 15.76 mt in 2021-22.
Potato yield is projected at 60.54 mt, up from 56.18 mt a year ago.


Initial estimates put onion production at 31.1 mt, down from 31.69 mt in 2021-22. It’s believed that the final figure may be lower than 31 mt.
Tomato production was preliminarily estimated at 20.62 mt, slightly down from 20.69 mt.

Closing Remarks:

Despite the overall positive trend in horticultural production, specific crops like onions and tomatoes have not followed suit.
The dedication of Indian farmers, combined with scientific advancements and supportive policies, has largely driven the growth in the horticulture sector.

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