SRIRAM's Explainer: Indigenous EV Charging Standard Intro.

  Oct 23, 2023

SRIRAM’s Explainer: Introduction to Indigenous EV Charging Standard


The Bureau of Indian Standards has approved a new indigenous combined AC and DC charging connector standard for light electric vehicles (LEVs).

Global Significance:

This standard is presented as the world’s first combined AC and DC charging connector designed particularly for LEVs.
Developed in India, it aims to become a global reference point for LEVs.

Impact on the EV Ecosystem:

This standard provides benefits to various stakeholders in the electric vehicle ecosystem, from vehicle manufacturers to owners and charging point operators.
It offers Original Equipment Manufacturers an alternative to international standards and protocols.
This initiative targets a significant segment of the vehicle market, considering a large percentage of new vehicles sold in the country are two or three-wheelers.

Key Features:

The collaborative effort between multiple government bodies and private sector entities has resulted in the creation of this standard.
Its unique feature is the ability to support both AC and DC charging from a single station, promoting the adoption of electric mobility.

Addressing the Market Gap:

The new standard fills a notable gap by introducing a standardized connector for combined AC and DC charging, catering to light electric vehicles, including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and microcars.
It promises a versatile charging infrastructure, providing an interoperable network for both rapid and standard charging, and removing the necessity for multiple chargers.

Understanding AC and DC:

AC (Alternating Current): AC is an electric current that reverses direction periodically. It’s the type of electricity supplied by the power grid to homes and businesses. Most electric devices run on AC power.
DC (Direct Current): DC is an electric current flowing in one direction. Batteries provide DC, which is why most electronic gadgets use DC. Electric vehicles have batteries, so they require DC for charging. However, to facilitate faster charging, many EV charging stations convert the AC from the grid into DC.
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