Solar Flares and Their Earthly Impacts: A Cosmic Influence

  Dec 21, 2023

Solar Flares and Their Impact

What are solar flares?

Solar flares are large explosions on the sun’s surface that release energy, light, and particles into space.

How do solar flares affect Earth?

These flares can disturb the space environment around Earth, impacting satellites, communications, and navigation systems.

What did the Indian Institute of Astrophysics discover?

The scientists discovered that even weak magnetic fields on the sun could lead to strong solar flares.

What are Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)?

CMEs are huge bubbles of gas and magnetic fields from the sun’s corona, released into space, which can cause disturbances in space weather.

Why is understanding solar flares important?

Understanding solar flares helps us predict space weather, which is crucial for the safety and functionality of satellites and communication networks on Earth.

What unusual phenomenon was observed during the solar flare?

The researchers detected unusual radio wave bursts, which are not typically associated with solar flares.

Where was the research on the solar flare published?

The findings were published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, a significant journal for astronomers.


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