Social Stock Exchanges: Impactful Investing for Change

  Nov 21, 2023

Social Stock Exchanges

What is a Social Stock Exchange (SSE)?

A specialized platform designed for the listing and trading of financial instruments by social enterprises.

Who Participates in SSE?

Investors committed to social and environmental returns, alongside financial returns, including retail and institutional investors.

What Financial Instruments are Traded on SSE?

Instruments like zero-coupon zero-principal bonds, development impact bonds, and others tailored to fund enterprises with a social or environmental mission.

Are There Specific Regulations Governing SSE?

Yes, SSEs operate under specific regulatory frameworks to ensure transparency and protect stakeholders’ interests.

How is Foreign Participation in SSE Managed?

Foreign investors can participate under regulations that balance the inflow of foreign capital with the social objectives of the enterprises.

What Role Does Risk Management Play in SSE?

Risk management is crucial, involving ‘Risk Funders’ to address the non-delivery risks associated with social projects.

Can Individuals Invest Small Amounts in SSE?

SSEs often aim to lower investment thresholds to enable wider participation from individual investors.

What Strategies are in Place for SSE Expansion?

Strategies include regulatory simplification and incentivizing investments to scale the platform’s reach and impact.

How Do Zero-Coupon Zero-Principal Bonds Work in SSE?

These bonds are structured to fund projects without the expectation of interest or principal repayment, focusing on social impact.



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