Section 6A of the Citizenship Act and Assam’s Dilemma

  Dec 14, 2023

Section 6A of the Citizenship Act and Assam’s Dilemma

What’s Section 6A about?

Section 6A is a part of India’s Citizenship Act that deals specifically with Assam. It was created after the Assam Accord of 1985 to handle the unique situation in Assam regarding immigrants from Bangladesh.

Why does Section 6A exist?

Assam had a lot of people coming in from Bangladesh, and it was causing tension and problems. To stop this, the Assam Accord made a deal, and Section 6A was the law to enforce it. This law sorts people into groups based on when they came to Assam: before 1966, between 1966 and 1971, and after 1971. Each group has different rules for if or when they can become Indian citizens.

Why is Section 6A controversial?

Some people in Assam and some organizations think Section 6A isn’t fair because it treats Assam differently from other states, possibly making it easier for outsiders to settle in and change the local culture. They’re worried Assam is losing its identity because of this law.

What’s happening with the Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court is looking at whether Section 6A fits with India’s Constitution, which is the supreme law of the country. The Court will decide if Assam can have a different set of rules for citizenship compared to other states, and whether this is fair.

Why is this a big deal for Assam?

The Supreme Court’s decision could really change life in Assam. If they say Section 6A is okay, then things stay as they are. But if they say it’s not okay, Assam might have to follow the same rules as the rest of India, which could change who gets to be a citizen there. This is important for the people, the culture, and the politics of Assam.


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