Sant Tukaram: Bhakti Saint, Poet, Social Reformer

  Nov 29, 2023

Sant Tukaram: The Saint Poet of Bhakti Movement

1. Who was Sant Tukaram?

Sant Tukaram was a 17th-century poet-saint from the Indian state of Maharashtra, renowned for his devotional poetry and his role in the Bhakti Movement.

2. What is Sant Tukaram known for?

He is known for his Abhangas, devotional poetry dedicated to Lord Vitthal (a form of Krishna), which express a deep personal devotion and a call for social equality.

3. What was the essence of Tukaram’s teachings?

His teachings emphasized the importance of a pure heart and devotion to God over ritualistic practices and caste distinctions.

4. How did Tukaram contribute to the Bhakti Movement?

His life and works played a significant role in shaping the Marathi language and literature, fostering a spirit of devotion and social reform in the Bhakti Movement.

5. Can you give examples of Tukaram’s influence?

Tukaram’s influence can be seen in the Varkari tradition—a pilgrimage to the holy town of Pandharpur in Maharashtra, where his poetry is sung and celebrated by devotees.

6. What is the historical significance of Sant Tukaram?

He represents the egalitarian ethos of the Bhakti Movement, challenging the rigid caste system and promoting spiritual democracy.

7. How are Sant Tukaram’s contributions remembered today?

His life and teachings continue to be celebrated through annual festivals like Tukaram Beej and through the performances of Gavlan (a form of devotional music).

Sant Tukaram remains a revered figure in Indian spirituality, embodying the values of devotion, humility, and social harmony that transcend time.


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