India's CPI Weightage Analysis

  Sep 14, 2023

Retail Inflation in India


Is India Estimating Retail Inflation Accurately?


Why did retail price inflation increase in July?

Retail price inflation in July was influenced by the outdated weightage assigned to food and beverage items in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is based on data from 2011-12.

How does the weightage in the CPI affect inflation rates?

The weightage assigned to different categories in the CPI can impact the overall inflation rate. When certain categories like food and beverages have a higher weightage, they can disproportionately affect inflation rates, especially when prices in those categories fluctuate.

How does India's CPI compare to other countries?

India's CPI weightage of 45.86% for food and beverages is relatively high, but it's influenced by factors like income distribution and consumption behavior. Other countries may have different weightings based on their economic conditions.

Is there an update planned for the CPI weightage?

Yes, the next household consumption survey for 2022-23 is expected to be completed by December. This survey could lead to changes in the weightage assigned to different categories in the CPI.

What do experts say about the current weightage?

Experts have differing opinions. Some believe the weightage accurately reflects the impact of food prices on the CPI, while others suggest that it may need adjustment based on more recent data.

How often is the CPI weightage updated?

The CPI weightage is not updated frequently. It was revised once after its launch in 2010, based on the consumption expenditure survey of 2009-10.

How does the CPI impact economic policy and decision-making?

The CPI is a critical indicator used by policymakers and economists to assess inflation trends. It can influence decisions related to interest rates, fiscal policies, and overall economic management.

Will changes in the CPI weightage affect inflation calculations?

Yes, adjustments to the CPI weightage can impact how inflation rates are calculated and interpreted. It can lead to changes in reported inflation figures.

When can we expect adjustments to the CPI weightage?

Adjustments to the CPI weightage are expected once the household consumption survey for 2022-23 is completed, likely by December. What factors influence the weightage assigned to different categories in the CPI? - The weightage in the CPI is influenced by factors like per capita income, consumption patterns, income distribution, and the overall economic situation in the country.


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