Rethinking Indian Secularism: Challenges and Opportunities.

  Sep 28, 2023

Reimagining Indian Secularism: Beyond Minority Rights

Secularism in India:

Rajeev Bhargava discusses Indian secularism.

Examines the relationship between the state and religion.

Highlights the uniqueness of India's secularism.

Strengths and Challenges:

India's constitutional idea of "principled distance."

The challenges posed by orthodoxies and Hindu nationalism.

Misunderstandings about the role of religion in public space.

Historical Pluralism:

Contrasting Indian and European secularism.

The birth of Indian secularism in response to diversity.

The need to redefine tradition and modernity in India.

Reimagining the Future:

The importance of addressing intra-religious domination.

Secularism as a project for all, not just minorities.

The role of secularism in protecting against extremism, caste issues, and gender domination.

Optimism about the long-term resilience of India's historical pluralism.

This interview with Rajeev Bhargava delves into the intricacies of Indian secularism, its challenges, and the need for a reimagined, inclusive approach that goes beyond protecting minority rights.

Book Title: "Reimagining Indian Secularism"


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