Stubble Burning: Issues, Commitments, Data and Solutions.

  Sep 27, 2023

Punjab : Stubble Burning and Air Pollution

Table of Contents

Key Issues and Commitments
Data and Tools
Related Actions and Collaboration
Stubble Burning Basics


By committing to substantial reductions in stubble burning, Punjab is taking a proactive stance to improve air quality and public health,
while the Delhi government is also implementing parallel initiatives.

Key Issues and Commitments

Issue:Stubble burning in Punjab significantly contributes to air pollution in the region, including Delhi.

Commitment:The Punjab government pledges to reduce stubble burning incidents by 50% this year. They also aim for complete elimination of stubble burning in six specific districts.

Data and Tools

Data:Around 31 lakh hectares are under paddy cultivation, generating about 20 million tonnes of paddy straw.

Tools:The Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) has asked for detailed mapping of Crop Residue Management machines, particularly for small and marginal farmers.

Related Actions and Collaboration

Related Actions:Delhi government will announce a "winter action plan" to mitigate air pollution, including new measures like greening of pavements and introduction of electric buses.

Collaboration:Delhi L-G urges states to work collectively to address air pollution, especially during the paddy season.

Stubble Burning

Why is stubble burning an issue?

Air Pollution:Burning crop residue releases harmful pollutants.

Health Impact:Causes respiratory problems and other health issues.

Environmental Damage:Harms flora, fauna, and contributes to climate change.

Soil Health:Depletes soil of essential nutrients.

Visibility:Reduces visibility, affecting transportation.

What are the alternative solutions to stubble burning?

Mechanical Removal: Machines like rotavators can remove the stubble.

Mulching:Improves soil fertility and eliminates the need for harmful stubble burning.

Biomass Energy:Crop residue used as raw material for biomass energy.

Animal Feed:Certain stubble types used as fodder for livestock.

Community Programs:Government and NGOs buy stubble for recycling uses.


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