Cheetah Project: Year One - Triumphs, Trials, Conservation

  Nov 09, 2023

Project Cheetah’s First Year

Project Cheetah is a significant conservation effort in India, aimed at reintroducing cheetahs to the country after their local extinction. In its first year, the project has experienced a mix of progress and setbacks.

Project Goals and Ideals:

The project envisioned the cheetahs acclimatizing in the wild for a substantial part of the year.

For Namibian cheetahs, the ideal time spent in the wild was 30 days for males and 45 days for females, while for South African cheetahs, it was 60 days for males and 42 days for females.

Actual Time Spent in the Wild:

The cheetahs spent considerably less time in the wild than intended. Total months spent by all cheetahs in the wild were 26.77, which is less than the combined ideal of 142 months

Specific Challenges Noted:

Two South African male cheetahs failed to thrive, leading to a readjustment in the release process.

Concerns arose regarding prey base, habitat suitability, and the cheetahs’ adaptation to the new environment.

Conservation and Ecological Impacts:

The reintroduction has been carefully monitored, with adaptations in the program as needed.

The project also focuses on ensuring that the cheetahs do not become a threat to local livestock, aiming to maintain harmony between the introduced species and human communities.

Future Considerations:

The initiative has outlined the importance of rigorous monitoring and flexible management strategies.

Sustainability of the cheetah population will depend on successful acclimatization, adequate prey base, and minimal human-animal conflict.

For aspirants of government civil services examination, the analysis of Project Cheetah’s outcomes offers insights into wildlife management, conservation strategies, and the complexities of reintroduction programs in a human-dominated landscape.



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