Project Cheetah:One-Year Milestone Triumphs and Achievements

  Sep 26, 2023

Project Cheetah: One-Year Milestone


Project Cheetah, a groundbreaking initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, celebrated its one-year anniversary on September 17, 2022.
This remarkable project marked the first-ever intercontinental translocation of African cheetahs to India, specifically to Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Where were the African cheetahs brought as part of Project Cheetah?

Kuno National Park, Madhya Pradesh.

What has been a significant challenge faced during the first year of the project?

Cheetah fatalities, with six out of 20 translocated cheetahs not surviving.

How successful has the project been in terms of cheetah survival?

75% of the Namibian cheetahs and 67% of those from South Africa have survived.

What noteworthy adaptation have the cheetahs demonstrated in their new habitat?

They adapted by hunting indigenous animals and even achieved successful breeding.

What role has the local community played in the project’s success?

The community’s support has been crucial in preventing cheetah fatalities caused by hunting, accidents, or retaliation.

How has the government responded to challenges and setbacks in the project?

The Union government has responded by establishing stricter monitoring and management protocols to prevent further fatalities among the translocated cheetahs.
Additionally, it is actively working to improve coordination between central and state governments to ensure smoother project implementation.
This proactive approach aims to address the issues that arose during the project's first year and minimize future setbacks.


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