Pen’s Lord Ganesh Idols Secure Geographical Indication Tag

  Dec 13, 2023

Pen’s Lord Ganesh Idols Secure Geographical Indication Tag


Development: The clay idols of Lord Ganesh made in Pen, Maharashtra, have been granted a Geographical Indication (GI) tag.

Significance: Ensures authenticity and protection against imitation of these idols.

Unique Features of Pen Ganesh Idols

1. Craftsmanship: Known for their aesthetics, serene expressions, shading, color work, and grace. 2. Eye Carving (‘akhani’): A skillful aspect, showcasing the artisans’ dexterity. 3. Organic Materials: Made using organic soil or clay and natural colors.

Industry and Economic Impact

Scale of Production: Pen taluka has about 150,000 idol-making units, employing around 200,000 people.

Historical Roots: Dates back to the Peshwa era, gained momentum during Lokmanya Tilak’s time.

Global Reach: Exported to countries with significant Indian diasporas like the USA, UK, and Australia.

Production Quantity: Annually, 10,000 to 100,000 idols are crafted.

Raw Materials and Accessibility

Clay Source: The ‘shadu maati’ clay is sourced from Gujarat’s Bhavnagar district.

Material Accessibility: Facilitated by Mumbai’s proximity and maritime trade routes.

GI Tag and Its Implications

Exclusive Identification: The GI tag serves as an exclusive identifier for Pen’s Ganesh idols.

Marketing and Branding: Enhances the identity, branding, and marketing of these idols.

Protection of Artisanship: Prevents misrepresentation and sale of inauthentic products.

Government Support: Opens avenues for government schemes and job creation initiatives.

Community and Cultural Significance

Artisanal Dependence: Over 100,000 artisans rely economically on this craft.

Cultural Heritage: The GI tag reinforces the cultural and artistic heritage of Pen.


The GI tag for Pen’s Ganesh idols is a significant milestone, recognizing the unique artisanship and cultural heritage of the region. It not only protects the authenticity of these idols but also promises economic benefits and sustained cultural preservation.



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