Pearl Millet: Resilience & Climate Challenges

  Sep 14, 2023

Pearl Millet: Adapting to Climate Change


What is pearl millet?

Pearl millet is one of the oldest crops globally, belonging to the millet family. It's highly esteemed for its nutritional value and adaptability to arid regions.

Why is pearl millet significant?

Pearl millet plays a vital role in food security, particularly in semi-arid areas. It's drought-tolerant, making it resilient to challenging climate conditions.

What challenges does pearl millet face?

Climate change and shifting weather patterns are affecting pearl millet cultivation. Increased precipitation during the kharif period impacts growth in some regions.

How are researchers addressing these challenges?

A team of researchers created a 'digital twin' of pearl millet using historical weather data, yields, and agronomical information. This virtual model helps assess, test, and visualize future growth conditions, aiding decision-making.

What changes are proposed for pearl millet cultivation zones?

The study suggests revising the classification criteria established in 1979. It recommends breaking down the existing 'A' zone into 'G,' 'AE1,' and 'AE2' subzones to optimize pearl millet production based on varying climate and soil conditions.

What are the implications of these changes?

This new zoning framework aims to enhance pearl millet production, adapt to climate change, and provide valuable insights for policymakers, researchers, and farmers in making evidence-based decisions.
Pearl millet remains a vital crop for dryland communities, contributing to food security and resilience in the face of climate challenges.


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