Revolutionary Seeds: Dr. Swati Nayak's Resilient Innovations

  Sep 28, 2023

Norman Borlaug and Swati Nayak

Game-Changing' Seeds with Multiple Tolerance

What is the focus of Dr. Swati Nayak's research?

Dr. Nayak focuses on creating climate-resilient, high-yielding, and nutritious rice varieties. She recently won the Norman Borlaug Field Award for her contributions.

What innovations has she brought in seed development?

She has been concentrating on developing high-yield inbreeds from old seed varieties that are also climate-resilient and rich in micronutrients.

Is her work localized or has it had wider implications?

Her work has both national and international implications, as it involves collaborations with various organizations for the development of new seed varieties.

How do these seeds cope with climate changes?

The seeds are designed to be climate-resilient, capable of withstanding conditions like droughts and floods.

What are the health benefits of these seeds?

Dr. Nayak aims to develop rice varieties with low glycemic indices, rich in micronutrients to combat lifestyle diseases.

What's the future outlook?

The next-gen seed varieties will be a game-changer, offering multiple tolerances to floods, droughts, and pests.
These will be available for farmers in the next 2-3 years.

What's the market strategy?

Market positioning and buy-back guarantees or incentives are strategies she suggests for encouraging farmers to produce these special varieties.

Are these seeds going to be affordable?

Yes, the aim is to make them affordable and accessible to smallholder farmers.

What does Dr. Nayak think about bio-fortified foodgrains?

She is in favor of bio-fortified rice as a low-cost, intensive, and affordable way to address nutritional challenges.

Is community involvement part of her research?

Yes, she emphasizes empowering the farming community for better yield and seed quality.


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