Agri Co-ops: Boosting Agriculture & Organic Exports

  Dec 07, 2023

National Cooperative Societies for Agriculture Products

Q: What is the purpose of setting up national level cooperative societies for agriculture products?

A: The primary objective is to promote large-scale agricultural outputs, including crops and seeds, streamline the distribution process, and ensure the marketing of certified organic products under a unified brand.

Q: Which national level cooperative societies have been established?

A: Three multi-state cooperative societies have been set up:

1. National Cooperative Exports Limited

2. National Cooperative Organics Limited

3. Bharatiya Beej Sahakari Samiti Limited

Q: What kind of activities do these cooperative societies undertake?

A: Activities range from seed cultivation, organic farming, quality assurance, certification processes, to the marketing and distribution of agricultural products.

Q: Who can become a member of these cooperatives?

A: Membership is open to multi-state cooperative societies engaged in various agricultural activities across different levels within the states.

Q: What are the benefits of these cooperatives?

A: They provide an organized platform for farmers and agricultural societies to market their products more effectively, potentially leading to better pricing and market presence. They also help in coordinating efforts to produce, certify, and distribute organic products.

Q: Have these cooperatives begun any exports?

A: Yes, for instance, the National Cooperative Export Limited has obtained permission to export significant quantities of rice and sugar to multiple countries, indicating the potential scope of these cooperatives in enhancing the global presence of Indian agriculture products.

Q: What’s the significance of these cooperatives for organic products?

A: Cooperatives like the National Cooperative Organic Society play a crucial role in certifying and marketing authentic organic products, which are increasingly in demand both domestically and internationally.


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