Nasovac S4: India's Leading Quadrivalent Flu Nasal Vaccine

  Nov 03, 2023

Nasovac S4 : Flu Vaccine in India

Q: What is Nasovac S4, and who developed it?

A: Nasovac S4 is India’s first nasal vaccine against influenza. It was developed by the vaccine maker Serum Institute of India and launched by the Pune-based diagnostic company Mylab Discovery Solutions.

Q: What does Nasovac S4 protect against?

A: Nasovac S4 is a live quadrivalent influenza vaccine designed to protect against four flu virus strains. It covers two influenza Type A virus strains (A/H1N1 and A/H3N2) and two Type B virus strains (Victoria and Yamagata lineage), which are the types responsible for seasonal epidemics of influenza.

Q: Who is the vaccine recommended for?

A: Nasovac S4 is indicated for individuals above the age of 2 years. It is designed to provide active immunization against influenza caused by the covered strains and is suggested for annual vaccination.

Q: How does Nasovac S4 work?

A: This nasal spray flu vaccine works by initiating action in the nasal passages. It stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies against influenza infection.
Unlike needle-based injections, it offers the dual benefits of systemic and local protection from viral adherence on the mucosal surface of upper respiratory airways.

Q: Are influenza vaccines like Nasovac S4 covered by the government’s Universal Immunization Programme?

A: Influenza vaccines, including Nasovac S4, are not covered under the government’s Universal Immunization Programme in India. They are privately available, and individuals interested in influenza vaccination can obtain them independently. These vaccines play a crucial role in preventing the spread of the influenza virus and reducing the risk of complications associated with the disease.


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