Mulya Pravah 2.0 and Ethics in Higher Education

  Jan 09, 2024

Mulya Pravah 2.0 and Ethics in Higher Education

1. What is Mulya Pravah 2.0?

Mulya Pravah 2.0 is a guideline issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC) aimed at inculcating human values and professional ethics in higher education institutions in India.

2. What was the trigger for the creation of Mulya Pravah 2.0?

The development of Mulya Pravah 2.0 was triggered by survey findings highlighting unethical practices in various organizations, including favoritism, gender discrimination, and breaches of confidentiality.

3. What are the primary objectives of Mulya Pravah 2.0?

The guideline seeks to build value-based institutions by fostering respect for fundamental duties, constitutional values, and national bonding.

4. How does Mulya Pravah 2.0 propose to address ethical issues in higher education?

It emphasizes transparency in administration, accountability, inclusiveness, and the importance of decision-making guided by institutional and public interest.

5. What stance does Mulya Pravah 2.0 take on corruption and unethical practices?

It advocates for zero tolerance towards corruption and unethical practices in university administration, including admissions and hiring processes.

6. How does the guideline view the role of staff and student unions?

Mulya Pravah 2.0 expects staff and student unions to support administrative development activities and raise


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