Mission LiFE: Elevate Living, Foster Empowerment

  Dec 27, 2023

Mission LiFE

1. What is Mission LiFE?

Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) is an India-led global initiative that aims to encourage and reinforce positive environmental and climate actions through behavioral changes at the individual level.

2. How does Mission LiFE plan to achieve its goals?

The mission plans to achieve its goals by promoting sustainable practices such as reducing the use of single-use plastics, saving water and electricity, and encouraging carpooling, among other measures.

3. What is the role of individual actions in Mission LiFE?

Individual actions are central to Mission LiFE, as it believes that collective behavior change driven by individual actions can make the planet more sustainable and liveable.

4. What is the broader vision of Mission LiFE in terms of global environmental challenges?

Mission LiFE’s broader vision is to provide a blueprint for global renewal in addressing climate change and environmental degradation, by fostering a widespread cultural shift towards sustainable living.

5. How does Mission LiFE relate to India’s traditional practices?

Mission LiFE is deeply rooted in India’s traditional practices of conservation and sustainable living, which include water conservation, the use of alternative energy sources, and practices like carpooling that are integral to certain communities in India.


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