Microfinance & Women: Empowerment, Growth - SRIRAM's Insight

  Nov 20, 2023

Microfinance and women

Basics of Microfinance

1. Microfinance: It’s a type of banking service provided to unemployed or low-income individuals or groups who lack access to traditional financial services.

2. Objective: The goal is to provide these groups with small capital to establish businesses, increase income, and improve living standards.

Growth in Microfinance

1. Client Base Expansion: By adding new clients, typically microfinance institutions (MFIs) can grow their outreach and support more small-scale entrepreneurs and businesses.

2. Portfolio Growth: The total amount of money lent out by MFIs is referred to as their portfolio. An increase in portfolio indicates a larger scale of operations and financial assistance.

Women and Microfinance

1. Target Demographic: Microfinance often targets women clients, as they are considered key drivers of community development and economic stability in their families.

2. Empowerment: By providing women with financial services, MFIs aim to empower them economically, leading to broader social and economic benefits.

Regional Dynamics

1. Regional Variations: Different regions may see different levels of microfinance activity due to varying economic conditions, cultural factors, and levels of financial inclusion.

2. Policy and Regulation: The growth and operation of MFIs can be influenced by government policies, financial regulations, and the overall economic environment.



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