Lasalgaon: Largest Onion Market in Asia

  Aug 28, 2023

Lasalgaon,Asia's largest onion market

Q1: What is the significance of Lasalgaon?

Lasalgaon holds the distinction of being Asia's largest onion market, playing a pivotal role in onion trading and distribution across the region.

Q2: What recent development has occurred in Lasalgaon's onion market?

Currently, an indefinite strike is underway in Lasalgaon's onion market, with traders suspending onion auctions in protest against the imposition of a 40% duty on onion exports by the government.

Q3: Why are onion traders participating in the strike?

Onion traders are participating in the strike to oppose the government's decision to levy a 40% duty on onion exports. They fear that this decision will have adverse effects on both onion growers and the export market.

Q4: How has the strike affected onion auctions?

The strike has led to the cessation of onion auctions in the Lasalgaon market, causing a temporary halt in the trading of onions within the area.

Q5: Is there solidarity from onion farmers with the traders' protest?

Indeed, onion farmers have shown their support for the traders' protest against the duty imposition on onion exports. This issue has garnered backing from various farmers' groups in the region.

Q6: How has the strike's impact extended to other onion markets?

The strike's influence has extended beyond Lasalgaon, resulting in the closure of onion auctions in most Agriculture Produce Market Committees (APMCs) in the Nashik district.

Q7: What is the duration of the imposed duty on onion exports?

The government's decision to impose a duty on onion exports is effective until December 31, 2023.

Q8: Who is leading the opposition to the duty imposition?

The agitation against the duty imposition on onion exports is being led by an association representing traders in the Lasalgaon market. Other APMCs, including those from different regions, may also join this protest.

Q9: How have government officials responded to the situation?

Officials, including those from the agriculture ministry, have expressed concerns about the potential consequences of the duty imposition on farmers. They are seeking discussions and reconsideration of the decision.

Q10: What is the appeal made by officials regarding the protest?

Government officials are urging both farmers and traders to end the protest and resume activities. They are emphasizing the need for dialogue and reconsideration to address the concerns raised by the agricultural community.


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