Kozhikode: UNESCO City of Literature and Cultural Diversity

  Nov 07, 2023

Kozhikode: UNESCO City of Literature

What does the UNESCO City of Literature tag signify for Kozhikode?

The UNESCO City of Literature designation for Kozhikode represents the city’s ability to embrace diversity and humanize through its cultural and literary strength.

How does Kozhikode maintain its cultural and literary ethos?

Kozhikode maintains its culture through robust publishing sectors, over 500 public libraries, and free-flowing discussions on politics and the arts.

What is the importance of urban planning in preserving cultural identity?

Urban planning is crucial for maintaining community and culture at the center of rapidly urbanizing Indian cities, which prevents the homogenization of cities and keeps their distinct identities alive.

How do spaces for cultural exchange contribute to a city’s identity?

Spaces like bookstores and less inhibiting places for public interaction, such as tamasha or lavani, a nagar sankirtan or a mushaira, foster friendships and a sense of ownership, reinforcing the city’s identity.

What is the relevance of Santiniketan’s mention in the context of Kozhikode?

Santiniketan symbolizes a place of creativity and openness, which, like Kozhikode, has gained recognition for its cultural significance, reinforcing the value of inclusive and culturally rich urban spaces.



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