JP Morgan: Indian Bonds in Global EM Index

  Dec 28, 2023

JP Morgan’s Inclusion of Indian Bonds in Global EM Bond Index

What’s Happening?

JP Morgan announced the addition of 23 Indian bonds to its Global Emerging Market (EM) Bond Index starting in June. India’s representation in this index is set to gradually increase to 10% over 10 months.

Why is it Important for India?

1. Increased Global Exposure: Indian bonds being part of JP Morgan’s EM Bond Index elevates their international profile.
2. Attracting Investments: This move is expected to draw substantial additional inflows into Indian bonds.
3. Diversifying Investor Base: Being included in global indices widens the pool of potential international investors for Indian bonds.
4. Boosting Confidence: Inclusion in such prestigious indices signals confidence in India’s economic and financial stability.
5. Potential for Better Rates: Enhanced demand from global investors may lead to more favorable borrowing terms for India.

Looking Ahead to 2024

In 2024, Indian sovereign bonds are expected to join not only JP Morgan’s EM Bond Index but also other significant global indices. This broad inclusion is likely to secure further foreign investment inflows.


The inclusion of Indian bonds in JP Morgan’s Global EM Bond Index, along with potential inclusion in other global indices, marks a major step forward. It boosts India’s standing in the global financial market and is poised to yield notable economic benefits through increased foreign investments.



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