Jan Aushadhi Kendras: Advancing Generic Medicines

  Aug 28, 2023

Jan Aushadhi Kendras and Generic Medicines

1. What are Jan Aushadhi Kendras?

Jan Aushadhi Kendras are outlets that provide affordable generic medicines to consumers. They were initiated to make quality medicines accessible at lower prices.

2. What is the objective of Jan Aushadhi Kendras?

The primary objective of Jan Aushadhi Kendras is to supply less expensive, generic drugs to consumers and promote the use of affordable alternatives to branded medicines.

3. What are generic medicines?

Generic medicines are chemically similar to original branded drugs, offering the same therapeutic effects. They are often more affordable than branded drugs.

4. How many Jan Aushadhi Kendras are expected to be operational by December?

It is expected that around 10,000 Jan Aushadhi Kendras will be operational across the country by December.

5. What is the product range available at Jan Aushadhi Kendras?

Jan Aushadhi Kendras offer a wide range of generic medicines, covering about 1,800 generic medicines and 285 surgical products. The product range spans from paracetamol to diabetes drugs, diapers, and glucometers.

6. What is the cost difference between generic medicines and branded products?

Generic products are sold at 50-90% of the price of similar branded products, making them more affordable for consumers.

7. Are there any quality concerns with generic medicines?

Generic medicines available at Jan Aushadhi Kendras are sourced through open tenders and checked by accredited labs for quality. The initiative ensures that medicines meet quality standards.

8. How are doctors prescribing medicines from Jan Aushadhi Kendras?

Doctors are being encouraged to prescribe medicines using generic names rather than brand names to promote the use of affordable alternatives.

9. Are there any challenges faced by Jan Aushadhi Kendras?

Some challenges faced include overcoming the perception that generic drugs are of low quality, addressing supply chain challenges, and convincing patients to choose generic alternatives over branded medicines.


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