Israel-India Bilateral Relations

  Aug 30, 2023

Israel-India Relations

When is Israel's Prime Minister expected to visit India and what is the agenda of his visit?

The visit is expected to take place this year.
The agenda includes discussions on a wide range of topics, such as technology cooperation, defence, foreign policy, economic ties, and more.

How has cooperation between India and Israel increased, particularly in defence and agriculture sectors?

Defence cooperation began in the late 1960s, and Israel supports India's 'Make in India' programme.
Agriculture cooperation involves expertise sharing in water management, drip irrigation, and crop research.

What is the progress in negotiations between India and Israel on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA)?

The FTA is expected to be concluded sooner rather than later.
Trade between the two countries has significantly increased, reaching 10 billion dollars today (excluding defence).

Both countries are part of the I2U2 alliance. Have there been identified projects for cooperation among the alliance members?

Two projects are planned in India: one in food security using Israeli technology and another in green energy.
The alliance aims to foster development, economics, food security, green energy, and more through private sector collaborations.

Does Israel support India's candidature for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council?

Israel supports the inclusion of friends of Israel in the Security Council.
India is seen as a deserving candidate based on its population and economic size.

How do you view people-to-people links between India and Israel?

People-to-people links are strong and supportive of Israel in India.
Many Israelis visit India as tourists, and initiatives like women empowerment projects are undertaken.
The increase in flights between the two countries is expected to enhance communication, business, and tourism.

Can you provide more details about defence cooperation and agriculture technology (agritech) collaboration between India and Israel?

Defence cooperation involves joint ventures, technology sharing, and a shared vision against terrorism.
Israel's expertise in water-efficient farming techniques, such as drip irrigation, has been shared with India to enhance agricultural practices.
These collaborations strengthen bilateral ties and contribute to mutual development and progress.


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