India's IORA Leadership: Peace, Prosperity, Cooperation.

  Oct 14, 2023

India's Role in the Indian Ocean and the IORA Meeting

What is India's strategic interest in the Indian Ocean?

India considers the Indian Ocean vital for global trade and aims to promote stability, security, and sustainable development in the region.

What did External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar emphasize at the IORA meeting?

Mr. Jaishankar reaffirmed India's commitment to a free, open, and inclusive Indian Ocean. He also raised concerns about unsustainable debt,indiurect reference to China’s debt trap diplomacy.

What role does India play in supporting countries in the region?

India has provided assistance, including lines of credit, debt payment relief, and currency swap arrangements, contributing to the economic stability of countries in the Indian Ocean region.

What is India's role in the IORA?

India assumes the role of Vice-Chair in the IORA, reflecting its active engagement and commitment to regional cooperation.

What's the significance of India's support to Sri Lanka in its debt crisis?

India's support has been crucial in Sri Lanka's economic stability and negotiations with the IMF for a bailout package.

Why is India's vision for the Indian Ocean important?

India seeks to ensure a peaceful, inclusive, and rules-based Indian Ocean region, free from proxy conflicts, and emphasizes cooperation in the IORA.

What role does the IORA play in the Indian Ocean region?

The IORA fosters cooperation among Indian Ocean countries and promotes regional prosperity and stability.

What is India's message in a polarized world?

India aims to promote collaborative solutions to regional challenges, reinforcing its role as a responsible maritime stakeholder.

India's commitment to the Indian Ocean and the IORA reflects its dedication to regional peace and prosperity.


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