India's National Security Strategy:A Game-Changer in Defense

  Nov 07, 2023

India’s National Security Strategy Adoption: Importance and Context

What is a National Security Strategy?

A framework that defines a nation’s security objectives, the threats it faces, and the methods to address these concerns. It guides the nation’s defense and security actions and policies.

Why is India adopting a National Security Strategy now?

India is formulating this strategy to systematically address the evolving array of threats, establish clear objectives, and ensure coordinated action across various defense and security departments.

Which countries have a National Security Strategy?

Most developed countries, including the US, the UK, and Russia, have formalized national security strategies, which they update periodically.

Why is a National Security Strategy important?

It allows a country to proactively manage risks and opportunities in defense and security while maintaining accountability and adapting to changing threats.

Why did India never have a National Security Strategy before?

Previous attempts were made but not finalized. The complexity of threats and the need for a comprehensive approach delayed the formal adoption of a unified strategy.

What does the adoption of this strategy indicate about India’s approach to national security?

The adoption signals India’s move towards a more formalized and strategic approach to national security, aiming to align with global standards and address non-traditional and traditional security challenges.



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