India's Lithium Reserves: Revolutionizing the EV Industry.

  Oct 06, 2023

India’s Lithium Reserves and Its Implications

Where have lithium reserves been discovered in India?

The National Mineral Exploration Trust (NMET) found large reserves of lithium in Jharkhand’s Koderma and Giridih. Exploration is ongoing in East Singhbum and Hazaribagh.
A Geological Survey of India (GSI) study also pointed to potential reserves in the Gawan block in Giridih and Pihra belt area in Koderma.

Why is lithium important?

ithium is vital for manufacturing electric batteries, which power Electric Vehicles (EVs). With the rise of EVs globally, lithium, often referred to as the “cosmic” mineral, is pivotal for India’s energy security strategy.
It’s also essential in medical tech, mobile phones, solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable technologies.

What does the discovery mean for India’s EV industry?

Domestic lithium availability can lower the manufacturing costs of lithium-ion batteries. Currently, high lithium battery costs make EVs expensive.
Domestic reserves can help reduce these costs, making EVs more affordable.

How does India currently meet its lithium needs?

India predominantly relies on imports for its lithium consumption, with China being the primary supplier.
The Indian government aims to reduce this dependence by exploring domestic reserves.

How will the discovery affect India’s energy strategy?

Discovering lithium reserves bolsters India’s efforts to shift towards electric vehicles and reduce its carbon footprint, addressing key climate concerns.
With lithium being central to EV production, domestic reserves can significantly enhance India’s energy security.

What’s the government’s perspective on this discovery?

Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, emphasized shifting the Indian auto sector to an electronic-based platform.
He has expressed optimism in exploring domestic lithium reserves, potentially reducing import dependency and even looking at export possibilities in the future.

This discovery in Jharkhand, coupled with the government’s vision, could reshape India’s EV landscape and its position in the global lithium market.


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