India's G-20: Leading Global Transformation

  Dec 01, 2023

India's G-20 Presidency: Leading a New Era of Multilateralism


Marking a year since assuming the G-20 Presidency, India's approach underlines a transformative vision in global leadership, emphasizing inclusivity, sustainable development, and a human-centric approach to progress.

Highlights of India's G-20 Presidency:

1. Shift in Focus: Transitioning from a GDP-centric to a human-centric model of progress.

2. Inclusive Approach: Emphasizing 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' (One earth, one family, one future), reflecting a commitment to global unity and cooperation.

3. New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration (NDLD): A unanimous commitment to inclusivity and decisive action on global challenges.

4. Global South Representation: Enhancing the voice of developing nations, particularly through the "Voice of the Global South Summit".

5. Infrastructure for Digital Progress: Advancing global digital public infrastructure, inspired by India's successful digital platforms like Aadhaar and UPI.

6. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Introducing a comprehensive action plan to accelerate progress, with a focus on interconnected issues like health, education, and environmental sustainability.

7. Green Initiatives: Launching the "Green Development Pact" and promoting renewable energy, Green Hydrogen, and the Global Biofuels Alliance.

8. Gender Equality: Prioritizing women's empowerment, including the formation of a dedicated Working Group and domestic legislative initiatives like India’s Women’s Reservation Bill, 2023.

9. Call for Climate Justice: Advocating for equitable financial and technological support from developed nations for climate action.

10. UN Reforms: Pushing for structural changes in international bodies like the UN Security Council for a more equitable global order.

11. Tackling Geopolitical Challenges: Addressing issues like terrorism with a policy of zero tolerance and advocating for peace over hostility.

Impact and Legacy:

Revitalized Multilateralism: India's presidency reinvigorated global cooperation mechanisms, especially in representing the interests of the Global South.

Documented Progress: The presidency saw 87 outcomes and 118 adopted documents, indicating a substantial increase in collaborative actions.

Continued Leadership: As India hands over the presidency to Brazil, it leaves a legacy of robust, people-centric, and sustainable policy initiatives.


India's G-20 Presidency marks a significant milestone in global governance, characterized by its focus on inclusivity, sustainable development, and a rejuvenated spirit of international cooperation. This approach sets a precedent for future presidencies and international dialogues.



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