India's DPDP Act 2023: Safeguarding Digital Privacy

  Nov 07, 2023

India's Digital Personal Data Protection Act: A Critical Overview

Urgent Need for Data Privacy:India's data privacy issues and cyberattacks highlight the urgency for robust privacy measures.

Privacy Breaches in India Incidents like Aadhaar leaks and healthcare data exposures during COVID-19 demonstrate critical vulnerabilities.

Regulatory Challenges: Prior to legislation, India faced regulatory uncertainty and inadequate enforcement, affecting data security.

Legislative Milestone:The Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023, marks a significant step in India's data protection journey.

Scope and Provisions of the DPDP Act:The Act covers all personal data and introduces consent-based data processing with provisions for data principals to withdraw consent.A data principal is primarily considered to be the natural person or individual to whom the data relates i.e., the person whose data is being processed (collected, stored, shared, etc.).

Establishment of Data Protection Authority:A new regulatory body to ensure compliance and address data breaches.

Global Alignment and Challenges:While aiming to align with international standards, the Act faces challenges in broad usage scope and vague security standards.

Critical Analysis and Future Path:The Act's potential issues, such as ambiguous legal provisions, call for vigilance and continuous regulatory updates.

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