India’s Advancement in Stealth UAV Technology

  Dec 16, 2023

India’s Advancement in Stealth UAV Technology

India’s Advancement in Stealth UAV TechnologyWhat is India’s recent achievement in aerial technology?

India has successfully conducted a flight trial of an autonomous flying-wing technology demonstrator, marking a significant step towards developing a stealth unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV).

What is a flying-wing technology demonstrator?

It’s a type of drone with a design where the wings make up the main body of the aircraft, improving aerodynamics and stealth capabilities.

How does flying-wing tech contribute to stealth?

The flying-wing design minimizes radar cross-section, making the UAV harder to detect by hostile air defense systems.

What will the successful test lead to?

The success of the flying-wing UAV will pave the way for developing a larger remotely-piloted strike aircraft, known as the RPSA.

Who developed this technology?

The Defence Research and Development Organisation’s Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) developed the high-speed flying-wing UAV.

What are the future plans for this UAV technology?

India plans to scale up the size and dimensions of the UAV to develop the Remotely Piloted Strike Aircraft (RPSA), which will have enhanced capabilities like autonomous takeoff and landing.



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