India's Agriculture: Carbon Neutrality Path

  Dec 01, 2023

India:Carbon Neutrality in Agriculture

The Imperative of Carbon Neutrality:

Carbon neutrality in agriculture means the sector emits no more carbon than it absorbs. Agriculture contributes significantly to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, hence it’s crucial for sustainability.

Agricultural Emissions:

The sector emits carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O), largely from livestock, rice paddies, soil management, and fertilizer use.

Mitigation Strategies:

Crops: Enhancing rice water management reduces methane. Zero-tillage and residue burning reduction also cut emissions.

Livestock: Dietary adjustments, such as green fodder and high-fiber diets, alongside better manure management, can lessen livestock emissions.

Data Indicators:

Laser land leveling and optimized fertilizer use are modern practices reducing emissions.

Biofuel from agricultural waste is a clean energy alternative.

Policy and Political Will:

Policies aimed at subsidizing eco-friendly farming practices and incentivizing crop diversification are pivotal. Political will is essential to enforce such reforms.

Sector-Wise GHG Contribution:

Agriculture accounts for a significant share of global emissions, necessitating focused mitigation efforts.

Financial Support and Incentives:

Subsidies and financial support for eco-friendly practices encourage farmers to adopt carbon-neutral methods.


Achieving carbon neutrality in agriculture is a multifaceted challenge that requires technological, policy, and behavioral changes across the sector.


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