Urban Challenges: India Infrastructure 2023

  Dec 05, 2023

India Infrastructure Report 2023 and Urban Development Challenges

1. What is the India Infrastructure Report 2023?

The India Infrastructure Report 2023 is a comprehensive study focusing on urban planning and development in India. It’s a collaborative effort by the Infrastructure Development Finance Company Foundation, Infrastructure Development Corporation (Karnataka) Limited, and the National Institute of Urban Affairs.

2. What are the Report’s Key Findings on Urban Sprawl?

The report highlights flawed urban planning and restrictive development-control norms as primary drivers of urban sprawl and slum creation in Indian cities.

3. Why are Slums Linked to Low Floor Space Ratios?

Low Floor Space Ratios (FSRs) or Floor Area Ratios (FARs) restrict the buildable space on plots, leading to high-density development and urban sprawl, thereby resulting in inadequate housing and slum formation.

4. What is the Significance of the Report?

It aims to draw attention to the urgent need for reform in urban planning and governance as central to development agendas, particularly to address the challenges of slums and urban sprawl.

5. How Does the Report Suggest Improving Urban Planning?

It emphasizes the importance of ‘transit-oriented development’ and the integration of transport planning with area planning. The report also advocates for increasing Floor Space Ratios and releasing more land for urbanization.

6. What Impacts Do Current Urban Planning Practices Have?

These practices have led to increased costs per unit of built space, encouraging illegal settlements and contributing to higher population density in cities.

7. What Examples Does the Report Provide?

The report cites the example of Mumbai, where low Floor Space Ratios have resulted in a significant population living in slums due to low per capita floor space usage. Conversely, Ahmedabad’s decision to increase Floor Space Ratios is shown as a positive development.

8. What are the Report’s Recommendations for Urban Development?

The report recommends increasing Floor Space Ratios, improving land-use planning, promoting vertical growth of cities, and developing comprehensive redevelopment policies.

9. What is the Overall Message of the Report?

The report underscores the need for significant changes in urban planning to make Indian cities sustainable and livable, focusing on inclusive growth and sustainability.



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