Unlocking India's Blue Economy Potential

  Aug 10, 2023

India:Blue Economy and Seafood Exports

1. What is the current status of India's seafood exports?

India exported 17,35,286 tonnes of seafood worth ₹63,969 crore in the fiscal year 2022-23. The major contributor to these exports is shrimp, which accounted for 11.84 lakh tonnes and ₹43,135 crore in export value.

2. What is India's goal for seafood exports by 2025?

India aims to increase its seafood export earnings to $15 billion by 2025, up from $7.76 billion in the fiscal year 2021-22.

3. How does India rank in shrimp exports?

India leads the world in shrimp exports to the United States in 2022, with Ecuador following closely.

4. What are the challenges faced in seafood production?

The dominant species under culture, pacific white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei), faces serious disease problems that can devastate culture systems.

5. What are the new exportable cultured species listed by MPEDA?

Marine Products Exports Development Authority (MPEDA) has listed mud crabs, seabass, tilapia, pangasius, and cobia as new exportable cultured species.

6. How has production varied for different species?

Production of various species has shown inconsistent performance over the years. For instance, pangasius production in 2021-22 was 2,04,666 mt, while in 2009-10, it was 3,01,066 mt.

7. What are the challenges in aquaculture technology development?

Technologies developed in the fisheries field often face a lack of investment, leading to their limited adoption. Involvement of business houses from the conceptualization stage can facilitate technology development and adoption.

8. How can investments in fisheries benefit India's economy?

Investments in fisheries can generate volumes, quality, and value-added products, contributing to rural livelihoods, employment, and income generation.

9. What is the potential impact of investing in fisheries technology?

Investing in science and commercializing technologies can contribute to achieving self-reliance and boosting India's blue economy.
Overall, the seafood export sector in India faces challenges such as disease issues, technology adoption, and inconsistent production, but targeted investments and policy initiatives could contribute to its growth and economic impact.


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