Climate Change Health: Disease Patterns - SRIRAM's Insight

  Nov 20, 2023

Impact of Climate Change on Diseases and Health

Q1: How does rising temperature affect disease patterns?

A1: Elevated temperatures can expand the range of vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue by increasing the habitats suitable for vectors such as mosquitoes. Heat can also exacerbate chronic conditions such as heart disease.

Q2: What is the link between climate change and water-borne diseases?

A2: Climate change increases the risk of water-borne diseases through flooding and contamination of water supplies, leading to outbreaks of cholera and other gastrointestinal infections.

Q3: Can climate change influence respiratory diseases?

A3: Yes, climate change contributes to air pollution and allergens, aggravating asthma and other respiratory conditions. Increased pollen due to longer growing seasons also triggers allergies.

Q4: Does climate change affect food safety?

A4: Yes, climate change impacts food safety through altered food production environments, which can lead to an increase in food-borne illnesses due to pathogens like Salmonella.

Q5: Are mental health issues linked to climate change?

A5: The stress from dealing with climate-related disasters, such as hurricanes and wildfires, can lead to mental health challenges, including anxiety and depression.

Q6: What about the impact on healthcare infrastructure?

A6: Climate change can strain healthcare systems due to increased incidence of climate-related diseases, requiring more resources and potentially leading to overloaded health services.



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