India's Vital Economic Data: Insights & Trends.

  Sep 21, 2023

High-frequency indicators in India

High-frequency indicators in India serve as vital data points for tracking economic and social performance.

Here are some common ones:
PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index): Gauges business activity, production, and new orders in manufacturing and services sectors.
IIP (Index of Industrial Production): Provides monthly data on industrial output, including manufacturing, mining, and electricity generation.
CPI (Consumer Price Index): Monthly inflation data reflecting changes in consumer goods and services prices.
WPI (Wholesale Price Index): Monthly data on wholesale price inflation, important for producers and manufacturers.
Export and Import Data: Regular updates on trade volumes and balances, indicating international trade health.
Bank Credit and Deposit Growth: Reflects lending and deposit trends in the banking sector, revealing credit demand and savings patterns.
GST Collections: Monthly collections from Goods and Services Tax (GST), signaling consumption and economic activity.
Auto Sales: Monthly vehicle sales data, reflecting consumer sentiment and economic activity.
Railway Freight Traffic: Indicates the movement of goods across the country, reflecting industrial activity.
Electricity Consumption: Reflects changes in industrial and commercial activities.
Unemployment Rate: Provides insights into labor market conditions, although not as frequent.
These indicators are crucial for policymakers, economists, and businesses to assess the economy, predict growth, and formulate effective policies.
They enable informed decision-making and help address economic challenges.


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