Global Shift in Right-Wing Politics: Challenges

  Feb 19, 2024

Global Shift in Right-Wing Politics: Challenges

A Global Shift in Right-Wing Politics: The Rise Against Wokery, Immigration, and International Bodies

In recent years, a significant transformation in right-wing politics has been unfolding globally, marked by the emergence of leaders such as Viktor Orban in Hungary, Donald Trump in the United States, and Giorgia Meloni in Italy. This movement is characterized by a unified stance against what they term as ‘wokery’, stringent opposition to immigration, and a growing skepticism towards international institutions. This phenomenon reflects a broader shift towards populism and nationalism, challenging the existing liberal order and reshaping political dialogues worldwide.

Opposition to ‘Wokery’

The term ‘wokery’ broadly refers to a spectrum of ideas associated with progressive ideologies, social justice movements, and political correctness. Leaders like Orban, Trump, and Meloni have positioned themselves as champions of traditional values, criticizing ‘wokery’ for what they perceive as an overemphasis on identity politics and a threat to cultural and societal norms. This stance resonates with a significant portion of the electorate, who feel alienated by the rapid social changes and the perceived neglect of traditional values.

Immigration Policies

A central pillar of this global right-wing movement is a stringent stance on immigration. These leaders advocate for strict immigration controls, arguing that unchecked immigration poses a threat to national security, economic stability, and cultural identity. Policies aimed at reducing immigration rates, building border walls, and enforcing deportations have been prominent in their political agendas. This approach taps into concerns over globalization and economic competition, galvanizing support among voters who feel left behind by the global economy.

Skepticism Towards International Institutions

Another defining feature of this right-wing resurgence is a pronounced skepticism towards international institutions and agreements. Criticizing these entities for infringing on national sovereignty and economic independence, these leaders often advocate for a retrenchment from global commitments and a focus on ‘America First’ or similar nationalist policies. This skepticism extends to climate agreements, trade deals, and defense pacts, reflecting a broader critique of globalization and supranational governance.

Implications for Global Politics

The rise of these leaders and their shared agenda signifies a pivotal moment in global politics. It challenges the post-World War II liberal order, which emphasized open borders, free trade, and international cooperation. The movement has sparked debates on national identity, sovereignty, and the future of globalization, influencing elections and policy discussions across the world.

This shift towards right-wing populism also raises questions about the durability of democratic norms and institutions. The movement’s often divisive rhetoric, disdain for the press, and disregard for some democratic safeguards have led to concerns about the erosion of democratic principles.

Looking Forward

As this global movement to reinvent right-wing politics continues to gain momentum, the world watches closely. The policies and ideologies advocated by leaders like Orban, Trump, and Meloni not only shape their respective countries but also have profound implications for international relations, global governance, and the liberal world order. How liberal democracies respond to these challenges, and the extent to which these right-wing movements will influence global policy directions, remains to be seen.


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