Global Capability Centres (GCCs) in India

  Dec 08, 2023

Global Capability Centres (GCCs) in India

What are Global Capability Centres (GCCs)?

GCCs are specialized centers set up by multinational companies in different countries to tap into local talent and resources for various business functions such as IT, R&D, marketing, and legal services.

Why are GCCs important for India?

GCCs are significant for India as they contribute to the country’s GDP, create employment, and help in the transfer of global business practices and technological advancements. They also foster innovation by leveraging local talent and industry expertise.

How many GCCs does India currently host?

India is home to more than 1,600 GCCs, which make up more than 1% of the country’s GDP and are rapidly growing.

Which sectors are GCCs in India focusing on?

While initially centered on IT and software, Indian GCCs are diversifying into sectors like aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

What are the future prospects for GCCs in India?

The future looks promising as India’s growing markets and skilled workforce make it an attractive destination for multinational companies to expand their GCC footprint.

How can India boost the presence of GCCs?

India can encourage more GCCs by simplifying entry processes, aligning state policies with GCC goals, enhancing workforce skills, and ensuring robust cybersecurity measures.

What challenges do GCCs face in India?

Challenges include navigating complex operational and regulatory landscapes, ensuring data privacy, and cultural integration between the parent company and the local workforce.

What steps are being taken to empower the workforce for GCCs in India?

Initiatives include investing in leadership development programs and fostering a culture of innovation and inclusion within the workforce.

For more information on the specifics of India’s policies and strategies regarding GCCs, it is recommended to refer to official government releases and detailed industry reports.


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