Supreme Court Decision on Genetically Modified Crop in India

  Oct 21, 2023

Genetically Modified Crops (GMOs): FAQs

What did the Supreme Court rule on GM crops?

The Supreme Court of India conditionally approved the cultivation of Dhara Mustard Hybrid (DMH-11), a genetically modified (GM) crop, but raised concerns about its impact on ecology and the environment.

What are GM crops?

Genetically modified (GM) crops are created by altering the DNA of existing crop plants, resulting in genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This can include adding, altering, or deleting genes to introduce new traits or abilities not found in the original plant.

What was the history of GM crops?

The Flavr Savr tomato, the first GM food crop approved for commercial use in the US, had an artificial gene to slow down ripening and extend shelf life. However, production was discontinued in 1997 due to concerns about safety and ecological implications.

What are the potential risks of GM crops?

Most GMOs pose potential risks, including herbicide-resistant crops leading to herbicide-resistant weeds and concerns about cross-pollination with wild varieties.

What is the socio-economic impact of GMOs?

GMOs can shift control of the food supply from farmers to corporations, with issues like private sector monopoly over GM seeds and the introduction of terminator genes, preventing farmers from saving seeds.

What should be considered before releasing GM crops?

Research into GM crops should continue, but their environmental and commercial release must undergo strict scrutiny. Public perception, ecological impacts, and socio-economic factors must be carefully considered.


Balancing the potential benefits and risks of GM crops requires interdisciplinary collaboration and thorough evaluation. Public perception, ecological concerns, and socio-economic impacts must be part of the decision-making process.


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